An accomodation-through-connections-only resort at an unmarked cove.


I was told not to share the location of this cove. Not because it’s some obscure secret, but because it’s one of the last decent havens of Zambales and accommodation is granted through connections only anyway. It’s not that hard to find as well, but I promised and prefer to stick to my word. All I can share is that this is not your typical Zambales cove, you may already know two.

Like the other coves this can be reached by boat. It surely wasn’t my first boat ride, but it’s definitely the first one that I’ve ever done at barely 4 in the morning. It was dark, it was wet, but the ocean cooperated, it was fairly calm. As we cut through the very calm Pacific, ocean organisms burst into tiny speckled green light in our wake. It was far from my first Zambales experience, the last I was there the waves were barely a story tall and I almost needed a change of pants.

The cove is flanked by two large hills. One can be climbed in 30 minutes. The other would reportedly take a day. I of course chose the 30 minute climb. Timed it well enough for the best light in the afternoon. Most of my companions didn’t like the idea, and weren’t shy to show it halfway through, but we managed to get a decent group photo out of it.

I am selling this place short, and have little to say anyway. So I will stop writing and just dump the rest of the photos.