Updated: Sep 9, 2017

Oh what a time to be a Python dev.


I use neomake to run my linters, after a friend berated me for using syntastic, which was in fact reasonable. Linters are pylint for syntax checking, pycodestyle for PEP8 conformity, and pydocstyle for PEP257 conformity.

To assist me with the nearly invisible PEP8 requirements, I use autopep8 loaded on vim via neoformat.

It’s probably dumb but currently I have :Neoformat on BufWritePre.


Of course, virtualenvwrapper. I have a fancy prompt line (customized) for my zsh which takes advantage of the project directory configuration of a venv.


New to testing in Python, because I used to just fuck around with non-distributable code. But pytest is fun with the assert lines.

Tags: python