This site runs off of a tiny server, sitting on my workdesk. Everything about this site will (eventually) run on this server, that includes code repository, email, etc. Who I am is not imporant, I’m not inclined to divulge that info. With enough homework, you might figure it out, I did not go out of my way to be discreet.

The technical spec

This site is on a 1GB Raspberry Pi, running a thttpd server amongst other things. The only copy of the site is in this device, the site is generated on this device using a home-made script (code will be shared later), there is no external repository or processor. So if I lose this device the site and everything about it is gone for good.

The site is comprised of static files, generated with only basic linux tools (sed, grep, awk, and co.). It however uses one external dependency, markdown.bash, though itself only uses basic linux tools.

To do list includes:

  • Static generator repository
  • Optimization of static gen build tool
  • Email
  • IRC?

I will try to write everyday. No matter how mundane my day goes, no matter how short the entry. This is an experiment, sit tight.

Yes, the look of this site is inspired by NODE, I couldn’t be bothered to design another site.