Please don’t

Uber needs a “don’t call” checkbox. Until then in pickup details I’ll always write “please don’t call”

When you’re busy enough to justify needing an on-demand driver on an almost daily basis, the value of that service is defeated when it interrupts you every 10 minutes with a call. Even worse when they then ask you to navigate.

The busier I get the more I realize phone calls are dumb. It’s just crazy that you can just interrupt someone at any point in their day with a flick of a wrist.

Now I appreciate people who leave texts asking if it’s an okay time for a call, or when it would be best to make one.

I looked around doubting my own opinion on this, and found that I’m in good company:


To which another person replied:

I don’t completely disagree with that. But can we please schedule that 15 minute call, or at least ask if a call right now would interrupt anything - probably the only time where “silence means yes” is applicable.