Six months ago a friend along with his coworkers shared an idea for a product. I told them that they should modify it, the market isn’t ready for what they’re offering. A month later, they showed me a prototype, it looks promising and I get on the team and be involved. Three months later, the team decides to go on a trip just for kicks. Now I’m back in Manila, sun dried and exhausted typing this in.

I don’t travel a lot, but I’ve been to Baler before. It was over 5 years ago with my then girlfriend now fiancĂ©. The place looks different now. Though we didn’t gun for Baler from the start that’s where we ended up staying. We initially decided on seeing Dipaculao, a strip of coastal towns with white sand beaches, before finally settling in Sabang Beach an hour’s drive south and preferably catching some waves.

First time I saw Baler I fell in love with it. Now seeing Dipaculao I am realizing I should have reserved my judgement. Aurora is not just Baler, there’s a lot more to see.

Wih romantic scenes like these, one can picture a camera crew framing up a scene of your stereotypical probinsyana meets rich boy film.

In Sabang

The place has changed a lot, more commercial, more developed. If you look to the horizon not much has changed, look back and hotels will tower above you. The north shore provides some peace and quiet, new acquaintances shared their surf spot away from the touristy parts of the beach.

I’ve not seen all of Aurora yet, and now knowing I have not seen it all and yet so easily floored by new places, I have more reasons to come back.

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